Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb Review (July 2024)


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In this review post, we’re going to be discussing the Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal, including an overview of its unique features.

Product Description

The Slö Multi Texture Reverb allows players to create lush, modulated, sleepy and ambient soundscapes. Stocked with three different algorithms specifically designed to invoke textures for bringing dreams from your subconscious to reality.

The toggle switch allows three different reverb modes, Dark (Lower Octave), Rise (Ambient Swell) and Dream (Latching Pad), while secondary functions on the switch change between different wave shapes for the modulation on the reverb trail.

Combine deep modulation with long washy trails and experience, the Slö.


DARK – Add a lower octave to your reverb trail. Here you’ll create deep and wide atmospheric sounds and channel nightmarish soundscapes. X knob sets the level of a -1 octave signal that feeds the reverb.

RISE – This is an auto-swell reverb for beautiful cinematic swells. Don’t rush it. Let it breathe and gently wake up. X knob sets the amount of time it takes the reverb to swell in after a note is played. Set lower for shorter rise times and higher for longer rise times.

DREAM – Here is a lush reverb with a latching pad function. Press the sustain switch to latch signal. Experiment with the X knob to add vibrato over the pad. Press sustain again and pad will decrescendo according to where decay knob is set. X knob sets the depth of vibrato applied to the reverb trail.

The Slö also features 3 different wave shapes accessible by holding down bypass while switching the algorithm toggle.

SINE – Smooth and even pitch up and down modulation.

WARP – Asymmetric pitch up modulation similar to a warped record.

SINK – Asymmetric pitch down modulation for sinking detune similar to a Bigsby.


Bypass: When the switch is in off position, press and hold to temporarily activate the effect to add a moment of reverb texture. Releasing the switch turns the effect off, and fades it out.

Sustain: When pressed, the decay switch ramps up the reverb trail to maximum creating long dreamy reverb trail and then ramps back down to the decay knob setting when released. In the “Dream” algorithm, the sustain switch is latching. Press it once to capture and sustain the current reverb decay for extremely long pad-like sounds. Press it again to let the reverb trail taper off, based on the position of the decay knob.


The Slö can run in trails or no trails mode. In trails mode, when you turn the pedal off, the reverb decay dies off naturally. In no trails mode, the decay is abruptly cut off when you turn the pedal off. To toggle between either mode, hold down the bypass switch for 1 second while applying power to the pedal. Unplug power and repeat to toggle to the other mode.

Product Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Weight: 0.27 kg
  • Trails mode on/off
  • True bypass design
  • Three different reverb types
  • Foot-switch: Bypass, Sustain
  • Power supply connection
  • Current consumption: 100 mA
  • Top-mounted connection sockets
  • Dark: Reverb with a low octave
  • Rise: Spatial, swelling reverberation
  • Dream: Long, flat reverberation with vibrato
  • Dimensions (L * W * H): 12.1 * 6.6 * 3.5 cm
  • 3 selectable reverb modes: Dark, Rise, Dream
  • Filter: regulates the high pass filter for the reverb tail
  • Depth / Rate: Adjusts intensity / speed of modulation
  • Power supply: 9V DC power supply (not included)
  • Sustain switch temporarily increases reverberation time to maximum
  • 3selectable waveforms for modulating the reverb tail: Sine, Warp, Sink
  • Controls: Decay, Filter, Mix, X, Reverb Mode / Modulation Shape, Depth / Rate
  • X control: Controls the volume of the octave (dark mode), swell time (rise-mode), or vibrato (dream-mode)

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Solid build quality
  • Value for money
  • Terrific sound quality
  • Extremely dependable
  • Player-friendly interface
  • 3 different ambient reverbs
  • Footswitch to hold the reverb
  • Fresh-sounding ambient tones
  • Favorable customer testimonials


  • Mono only
  • Setting the second function may be a chore for some

Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb Demo

Our Verdict

Ideal for players who wish to include rich ambiance in their signal chain without taking up a lot of ‘board area. Slö is a fascinating reverb effect with a wide range of startling tones. The implementation and interface are simple to use. While the reverb quality isn’t outstanding in my opinion, it’s adequate for the price. If you enjoy spacy/dreamy textures, Slö deserves a spot on your pedalboard.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy this product has to be Amazon, due to their competitive pricing and fantastic customer service.

Walrus Audio Slö Multi Texture Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal, Standard (900-1047)

as of July 15, 2024 6:46 pm

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Additional information

Item Weight

10.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

6 x 4 x 3 inches

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Date First Available

April 15, 2019

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