TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper Pedal Review (May 2024)


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In this review post, we’re going to be discussing the TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper Pedal, including an overview of its unique features.

Product Description

The original DITTO LOOPER rocked guitarists with a lust for looping like nothing else. Finally, something that was simple, made for guitarists, and sounded great. What would possibly be better? Well, how about all of that, plus new, next-level looping features forged from pure awesome?

•    Dedicated Start/Stop Button
•    Looper effects: Stop, Reverse, and Half Speed
•    Loop Import/Export and Backing tracks

Guitarists love DITTO LOOPER like nothing else. Its ultra-simple design and guitar-centric features like true-bypass, analog dry-through, high-quality audio, as well as 5 minutes of looping time, and unlimited overdubs resonated with guitarists around the world. So why mess with what we nailed the first time?

Let ya in on a little secret? We love effects. But to us, they need to make sense, and the resurgence of loopers fueled by DITTO LOOPER had more and more guitarists scream: loop-laden effects please! DITTO LOOPER X2 allows you to play loops in reverse, half-speed, or both at the same time. Which, as you might imagine, can make for a subtle performance or a jaw-dropping show that makes the audience stop dead in their tracks.

Your loops are a reflection of you. So, to have them trapped in a tiny box just doesn’t make any sense. Now, you are free to export your loops and work with them in a DAW of your choice, or you can import loops and even backing tracks and take them to gigs. Small sentence, a HUGE advantage for gigging musicians!

DITTO X2 is the natural evolution of DITTO LOOPER. We’ve listened to all the feedback we’ve had from happy DITTO users and carefully selected a handful of amazing features that are designed specifically to take your looping to the next level. DITTO X2 is for when you want to get serious about looping, but without sacrificing that signature simplicity that guitar players know and love from DITTO LOOPER.

One thing we decided to focus on was a dedicated stop button. If you have ever tried looping during a live performance then you know the importance of being able to stop the loop exactly when you want to. DITTO X2 lets you use the FX footswitch as a dedicated stop, letting you end things nice and easy.

Oh, and speaking of nice and easy – we’ve collaborated with JamTrackCentral to give you a package of some of the best backing tracks available. The tracks are expertly recorded, feature solos by top guitarists, and – best of all – they’re free of charge when you buy a DITTO X2!

Product Features

  • Highly intuitive looper pedal built by guitarists, for guitarists, offers you a dedicated stop button and loop effects
  • Straightforward interface has a dedicated stop footswitch, making it easy to stop loops exactly when you want
  • Reverse and half-speed loop effects give you awe-inspiring powers to fuel your creativity
  • Export loops to PC or Mac* to work within your DAW, and import complex backing tracks into the looper to impress on stage
  • Access a wealth of StarJam loops by famous guitarists plus a free package of expertly recorded JamTrack backing tracks
  • 5 minutes of looping time with unlimited overdubs and undo/redo for total creative freedom
  • Stereo inputs and outputs for major setup flexibility you can even plug in 2 instruments
  • 24-bit uncompressed audio for ultimate sound quality
  • True bypass allows for optimum clarity and zero high-end loss when the pedal is off
  • Optional buffered bypass mode prevents high-frequency loss from long cable runs
  • Analog-Dry-Through maintains total integrity of analog dry signal path even when looper is engaged
  • Sturdy die-cast metal case designed for life on the road

Pros & Cons


  • Strong build
  • Reasonable price
  • Incredibly trustworthy
  • Positive customer ratings
  • Value for money
  • Wonderful audio quality
  • Ingenious beat-sync functionality
  • Tap tempo can be used to slow down loops


  • Bulky in size
  • Not as consistent as the standard X2
  • Beat sync isn’t always 100% reliable

 TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper Pedal Demo

Our Verdict

An inventive method that falls short of the company’s other looper options. TC Electronic already offers one of the most solid live looper pedals on the market with the Ditto X2, and with the Jam, it intends to add some extra smarts.

A beat sense tempo detector, a dynamic loop editor that keeps your loops in sync, and a tap-tempo global control for the loops are among the changes.

When the beat sync works, it’s almost like magic. The built-in mic isn’t perfect, but there’s a clip-on mic available that you can place closer to your drummer to better differentiate snare hits and a core rhythm.

It’s a great technological feat, but there’s an air of gimmick to the proceedings; setting up the mic isn’t difficult, but it is something to consider, and how much you trust the guitar tech will surely impact whether you feel like you’re flying by the seat of your trousers or less.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy this product has to be Amazon, due to their competitive pricing and fantastic customer service.

TC Electronic DITTO LOOPER X2 (000-DE800-00010)

as of May 28, 2024 10:26 pm

Pricing History

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Item Weight

1.26 pounds

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4.45 x 5.31 x 2.13 inches

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August 9, 2018

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