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In this review post, we’re going to be discussing the Mooer GE300 Multi-Effects Pedal, including an overview of its unique features.

Product Description

The GE300 from MOOER is the flagship multi-effect instrument processor. By combining the well-received Micro Preamp series, TONE CAPTURE instrument matching technology, tri-voice polyphonic synthesizer module, and a wide range of guitar effects and tools, the GE300 embellishes every single motive for creation from your mind with nuanced details.

The GE300 contains dual-DSP processors delivering the fastidiously detailed characteristics of every delay, reverb, modulation, or amp model inside. Thanks to the intuitive and simple UI, controls, and connection ports, the GE300 is an all-in-one working station for musicians whether in a live situation, at home, or in the studio.

With the synth module, your instrument will be transformed into an electronic synthesizer without the need for special pickups or instrument modifications, allowing you to spark your creativity with more possibilities.

As you can see from the diagram, the SYNTH ENGINE has 3 independent voices with their own parameters for waveform, pitch, attack, level, filter, and arpeggiator. The signal path from the instrument input is split and routed directly to the front of each synth voice so they remain completely parallel and independent from one another. The thru dry signal can also be mixed parallel to the entire synth effect block, so you can opt for synth only or mix it with your guitar signal.

TONE CAPTURE is an intelligent learning and comparison engine that can be used to create your very own digital models by sampling real-life equipment.

The GE300 is the only MOOER product that features three different TONE CAPTURE modes.

AMP & STOMP MODE can be used to sample your favorite stompbox or amplifier. This can then be applied to an existing amp or drive pedal model within a preset to transform it into your sample.

GUITAR MODE allows you to capture the EQ characteristics of your instrument. Have you ever found yourself searching for a single instrument that has all the different guitar sounds you need? Be it classic country twang, warm ballsy blue tones, the funkadelic “4-position”, tight thrashing djent, Piezo acoustic-electric – GUITAR MODE can sample any guitar, provided it has some form of pickup, and create a detailed digital guitar model using MOOER’s proprietary non-linear IR technology.

CAB MODE allows you to create your own Impulse Response models of speaker cabinets to use instead of using the CAB effect block already installed on the GE300.

GE300 has 108 digital amp models that utilize MOOER’s non-linear amp modeling technology. Each model has been designed based on samples taken directly from real-life tube amplifiers. It is not only the accurate recurrence of the original amps’ tone but also the dynamics and feel of a real tube amp.

43 IR-based factory speaker cab models with 20 user slots to load in your favorite 3rd party IR files. (Up to 2048 sample pts). 164 high-quality effects that cover all the bases from your favorite stompboxes, plugins, and studio rack units. 30-minute capacity loop station with undo/redo, direct dubbing, reverse + 1/2 time effects. Looper sessions can be stored and backed up for the import /export of audio files. Recall that new song idea you had any time, or load in your favorite backing tracks to jam along with! MIDI IN/MIDI OUT/THRU with easy mapping and external ctrl switching to control your other pedals and amps.

Direct, low latency USB audio lets GE300 double up as a digital audio interface and become a “one-stop-shop” solution for recording guitar. Apart from that, editor software on the computer makes it an all-in-one working station. Firmware update via USB available.

Product Features

  • 108 high-quality AMP models
  • 43 IR based factory speaker cab models
  • Tri-voice polyphonic synthesizer module
  • TONE CAPTURE for sampling the tonal characteristics of guitar, amplifier, stomp box, and cabinet to create new digital preamp models, and new impulse response files.
  • 164 high-quality effects
  • Programmable FX loop with optional signal chain routing.
  • Stereo outputs (1/4’’ and XLR) with independent signal chain routing.
  • MIDI IN/MIDI OUT/THRU with easy mapping and external ctrl switching to control your other pedals and amps.
  • PROGRAMMABLE footswitches with user-selectable LED colors and assignable functions, allowing complete user customization of the control scheme.
  • Direct, low latency USB audio.
  • 30 minutes loop station with undo/redo, direct dubbing, reverse + 1/2 speed effects.
  • Looper sessions can be stored and backed up for import /export of audio files.
  • High-precision programable TUNER will make sure you’re in tune at all times.

Pros & Cons


  • High-quality build
  • Priced affordably
  • Extremely trustworthy
  • Favorable consumer feedback
  • Worth the investment
  • Terrific sound output
  • Excellent amp and effects tones
  • Best user interface and build quality
  • The synth engine is outstanding


  • Large in size
  • Rather expensive
  • Still, it isn’t the easiest to use
  • There are other places to get more effects
  • It is difficult to stand out from the crowd

Mooer GE300 Multi-Effects Pedal Demo

Our Verdict

The GE300 from Mooer is a slightly less expensive approach to high-end multi-FX and a worthy contender to Line 6 and Boss. The main distinction between Boss and Line 6 in the current generation of modeling floorboards is the user interface – both firms are more than capable of designing fantastic effect algorithms. Where the Line 6 devices excel is in a more user-friendly interface, and it is here that the Mooer must compete if it is to be considered a competitive option.

In conclusion, the GE300 represents a significant improvement. It looks the part, it’s bombproof, and it’s true to Mooer tradition; it’s also smaller and less expensive than its primary competitors. The GE300 makes a very compelling case for taking Mooer very seriously. If or not it proves successful is going to be determined by whether guitarists can transcend the idea of Mooer as a bargain brand.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy this product has to be Amazon, due to their competitive pricing and fantastic customer service.

MOOER GE300 Amp Modelling Processor Synth Pedal Guitar Multi Effects

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Additional information

Item Weight

9.53 pounds

Product Dimensions

16.14 x 7.91 x 2.44 inches

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June 13, 2019


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