Boss DS-1X Distortion Guitar Pedal Review (May 2024)


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In this review post, we’re going to be discussing the Boss DS-1X Distortion Guitar Pedal, including an overview of its unique features.

Product Description

The DS-1X launches the famous BOSS distortion into a modern era of expression, delivering an unmatched level of performance for guitarists with an ear for tone. This next-generation stomp combines over 35 years of innovation in pedal design with the most advanced technologies, bringing you a completely new tonal experience that’s only possible with the legendary expertise of BOSS. Prepare to be amazed—the inspiring and ultra-responsive DS-1X will change your thinking about distortion pedals forever.

The DS-1X completely redefines the distortion stomp, kicking it into a new universe of dynamic response and clarity. Powered by BOSS’ MDP technology, this amazing pedal delivers distortion that sounds perfect no matter where you play on the neck, even at the highest gain settings. You’ll enjoy tight response on the low strings and fat, singing tones on the highest notes, plus exceptional definition when playing two or more notes at a time. In every setting, the sound is never muddy or boomy, while the smooth, natural presence ensures that you always cut through without harshness or nasal overtones. With the DS-1X, your distortion tone feels and sounds “dialed in” the instant you turn it on, providing a rich, satisfying playing experience that’s both effortless and inspiring.

Product Features

  • BOSS five-year warranty
  • Very low noise, even with high-gain settings
  • Ultra-responsive to volume changes and picking dynamics
  • Special edition BOSS distortion pedal with next-generation sound, feel, and tonal response
  • All-new design provides a superior playing experience that’s unattainable with analog distortion pedals
  • Powerful real-time processing adapts to your playing to provide ideal distortion tones in every register
  • Drive, High, and Low knobs offer a wide range of sound shaping not found in typical stompbox pedals
  • Striking appearance with exclusive chrome knobs and control plate, plus vintage silver knob for battery compartment access
  • Features BOSS’ innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP), realized with proprietary technology and custom DSP
  • Enjoy perfect sounds over the entire fretboard, from tight, crisp tones on the low strings to fat, singing tones on the highest notes
  • High-clarity distortion sound that’s never muddy or boomy, even when playing two or more notes at the same time

Pros & Cons


  • Strong build
  • Incredibly reputable
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Worth the investment
  • Fantastic audio quality
  • Best suited for live performances and recording


  • Quite pricey

Boss DS-1X Distortion Guitar Pedal Demo

Our Verdict

The guitar world is flooded with distortion pedals, and this isn’t cheap, but if you’re constantly jumping between rhythm and lead and can’t find a happy medium, the DS-1X could be just what you’re searching for.

The DS-1X has more gain than you’ll ever need – we felt that anything over 12 o’clock was too much for even the hardest metal, though higher settings provide some incredible sustain. Because fizz and sharpness might seep in with high gain settings, the high control demands extra attention.

Where to Buy

The best place to buy this product has to be Amazon, due to their competitive pricing and fantastic customer service.

BOSS DS-1X Special Edition Distortion Guitar Pedal, Single Mode

as of April 30, 2024 4:57 pm

Pricing History

Price History for BOSS DS-1X Special Edition Distortion Guitar Pedal, Single Mode


Current Price $137.19 April 30, 2024
Highest Price $163.39 July 9, 2023
Lowest Price $135.00 August 30, 2023
Since July 9, 2023

Last price changes

$137.19 December 29, 2023
$148.00 November 17, 2023
$149.00 October 10, 2023
$135.00 August 30, 2023
$158.99 August 16, 2023

Last updated on April 30, 2024 4:57 pm

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Additional information

Item Weight

10.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

6 x 3 x 4 inches

Item model number



1 9V batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 25, 2014

Body Material


Color Name



Single Mode

Battery type



9 Volts


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