Dingsun USB Audio Interface with Mic Preamplifier 48V Phantom Power 24 Bit 96kHz, 2In-2Out Audio Interface

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  • ♦ 2IN2OUT audio interface for recording microphones (NOTES: No DAW recording software included, you need to download the recording software yourself.)
  • ♦ Audio Interface Compatible with popular recording software, including Avid pro tools, Ableton live, Steinberg Cubase, etc.
  • ♦ 48V fantasy power input jack: electronically balanced input via 3-pin XLR socket for microphone.use 48V the gain for the microphone signal at Input.
  • ♦【INST】 6.35mm audio input jack: You can record the sound of guitar, bass or 6.35mm microphone into the recording application.
  • ♦【MONITOR】 6.35mm headphone output jack: monitoring of input signals to be directly.

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