Compact Mini Hum Eliminator Box – 2 Channel Passive Ground Loop Isolator, Noise Filter, AC Buzz Destroyer, Hum Killer w/ 2 1/4-Inch TRS Input and Output for 2 Mono / 1 Stereo Signal – Pyle PHE300

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  • REMOVES AC NOISE: The Pyle Hum Eliminator removes 60Hz AC hum caused by ground loops that act like radio antennae (loop antenna). Breaks the ground loop safely making it impossible for the signal lines to pick up the AC noise in the first place
  • PASSIVE DEVICE: The noise isolator is a passive device which does not require power to operate. Equipped w/ ¼” TRS phone inputs and outputs on 2 channels. Automatically translates signal voltages to match the difference in ground potential
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This noise filter device features a high performance ultra compact and portable design allowing you to easily bring it anywhere. It has high quality components and rugged construction while maintaining the highest sonic quality
  • UNBALANCED TO BALANCED SIGNAL: Automatically converts unbalanced to balanced signal without any signal loss and is responsible for breaking the ground loop or the loop antenna that prevents buzz for a clear sound. Accepts mono or stereo connections
  • This unit is designed to reduce or eliminate hum noise caused by AC 160 HZ Electric hum, or faulty ground loop. It will not solve noise caused by defective components.

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